The Pop-up Business School

The Pop up Business School is partnering with The Distillery at The Whisky Bond to deliver a programme of business accelerator workshops on the theme of ‘Developing your challenger business’.

“We bring you the latest thinking, case stories and tried-and-tested tools that will allow you to learn and ‘do different’ in our Dojo-style masterclasses – no matter what shape, size or type of business you have.

This free brand development Dojo is an informal but highly valuable 3 hour intensive workshop, the first of 5 to be run through May and June 2015.The other workshops have a small charge.
Whether you’re in start-up mode, growing your business or rethinking your brand, this workshop will outline 6 key principles and give you valuable tools to use to jumpstart the process of building your brand to make your business remarkable.

We’ll help you identify and articulate why your company, product or service matters, what you do and how you fit in to your business and your business fits into the world. You will get an insider’s peek into some of the latest thinking and tools used by brand strategists and brand agencies that we’ve worked with recently.

You will learn two tried-and-tested tools and case stories (not studies) based on nearly 25 years of working with some of the most successful entrepreneurs, startups and organisations in the UK.”

The Programme

5th May 2015

The Brand Dojo – new brand rules for SMEs (and why they apply to you and corporates too)
It’s not about your logo. The rules and value of building and developing a remarkable brand have completely changed in the past 2 years. This 3hr intensive will use a great case story and group work using our own Business Dojo approach to help you learn what you need to know about adopting challenger mind-sets and becoming a challenger brand.

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26th May 2015

Creativity and Ideation Dojo – A creative problem-solving intensive
Looking to be more creatively confident, want to generate more and better ideas for you and your business? You need to attend this Dojo! We’ll take you from exploring the DNA of an idea 9and how to get better ones) all the way through to navigating a simple but effective framework for getting ideation to be part of ‘what you do’. If you think you’re creative you need to come, if want to be more creative you have to attend.

Tickets are £55 and available here

2nd June 2015

Innovation Dojo – Why innovation doesn’t work (and what to do about it,now)
Challenging the status quo is now the norm in building a remarkable business in a volatile world – no matter what size or shape your business. This relies on constant, small and fast innovations in and around your business. Using a tried and tested approach, and a cutting-edge case study, we’ll help you develop an understanding of the mind-set and actions you need to adopt to get started.

Tickets are £55 and will be available soon.

9th June 2015

Collaboration Dojo – the new currency of building business value
In this Dojo you will explore the principles and practice of collaboration, from understanding why it has become the most prized asset in Silicon Valley for building value in your business quickly to applying your own collaboration manifesto that you’ll design in the session.

Tickets are £55 and will be available soon.

16th June 2015

The ‘Get Sh*t Done’ Dojo
We all have problems getting the important stuff done. This Dojo will take you through a process used by successful entrepreneurs to get more of the right stuff done in a shorter space of time. From identifying what needs done to simple, alternative ways of managing the stuff that matters we’ll give you the steps to follow with no B.S. If you don’t have time for this Dojo, you definitely need to attend.

Tickets are £55 and will be available soon.