Test Unit 2019 – Pecha Kucha talks: Material Flows

Cities are made up of overlapping material flows. At a time of rapid urbanisation, these flows are getting ever faster, denser and more complex. The construction industry accounts for 38% of total global emissions. Waste, water and air-borne pollution exacerbate existing spatial and social injustices and store up environmental problems for generations to come. In this context, it is increasingly urgent that we radically reassess how we relate to the material world: how we extract, process, distribute and dispose. Can we disrupt or re-imagine these flows to create healthier, more resilient, more just cities?

About Pecha Kucha:

It is a simple idea – 20 images for 20 seconds each making talks that last just 6:40mins. In this format we will hear from artists, designers, architects, urban planners and researchers on various projects that reimagine our relationship with materials and the systems that bring them into being.


Ewan Alston – Good Waste
Milo Mcloughlin-Greening – Collecting Commmons
Glasgow Tool Library
Still Life
Architecture & Design Scotland – A&DS – Materials Library 
Repair Café Glasgow
Theatrum Mundi
Test Unit 2019

Tickets £4/6 available here.

Test Unit 2019 a project by Agile City, with strategic support from A Feral Studio.

The project is generously funded by: Heritage Lottery Fund, Climate Challenge Fund, Creative Scotland.
With support from: Glasgow Tool Library, The Whisky Bond.