North West Arts Trail

Festival event of art commissions and interventions along the number 75 and number 10 bus routes exploring the North West of Glasgow. Glasgow Sculpture Studios artist Sally Hackett will create a Mexican tree of life with local school children, thinking about the imminent and future regeneration the Claypits nature reserve and the traditional depiction of themes of utopia, epiphany, rebirth and fertility that the tree of life represents. With participation from local school children and other community groups in the area, the tree will represent the rich and diverse history of the site. Handmade objects like roe deer, indigenous flora, tenants cans and other objects representative of the fabric of this unique landscape will hang together. The artist will construct the main body and structure of the piece and participants will gradually add their pieces to create a Glaswegian Utopia to be exhibited on 1 April at the Claypits.

Credit: image courtesy of the artist, ‘The Tree of Life’, Sally Hackett and Mariella Verkerk.