Global Service Jam 2018

The Global Service Jam is an annual event taking place over a weekend at different locations all over the world. It brings people together to collaborate, play, create, innovate and test new ideas around a common theme (which will be kept secret until the start of the Jam) to solve problems in society.

The Jam is open to everyone regardless of background, profession or experience. All that is required is an appetite to explore, discover and create new solutions to old problems.

During the weekend, you’ll work in teams around a surprise common theme to design and test new ideas, products and services. You’ll bounce off each other’s ideas and build upon these; you’ll hear ‘stop talking, start doing’ quite a lot; and learn how to turn ideas into functioning prototypes.

And don’t be afraid – here, it’s all about the process you’ll go through during the weekend, the fun you’ll have and the new networks you’ll make rather than the finalised ideas or services.

Here’s a video with all the fun we had last year:

A quick overview of the weekend’s events:

Friday 9th February, 6pm – 9pm

Jammers come together, global theme is unveiled and idea generation around theme begins. Groups form around themes – beers and snacks provided.

Saturday 10th February, 9am – 8pm

Jammers meet to share a delicious breakfast, provided by Glasgow Service Jam. Teams identify and define the problem they would like to solve. Supported by Snook’s Jam(tastic) mentors, you will investigate the issue and begin to develop solutions. You’ll quickly begin to prototype ideas and test them on the streets of Glasgow. Don’t forget the Jam motto: Doing, not talking!

Sunday 11th February, 9am – 5pm

Jam teams present their working prototype. This might be a role play of their service idea, physical products, a video of your idea in use in the real world, a dummy website, or anything else which shows your idea in action! The final piece is uploaded to the Global Service Jam site and shared with the world! Next – to the pub!

Tickets are available here.

If you have any questions, feel free to drop us a line: