Brand Up: Fundamentals of branding, content & delivery

Brand Up: Fundamentals of branding, content & delivery
with Brand Calibre and Walnut Wasp.

This 2-part workshop will take you through how to pinpoint the core values of your business and translate them into creative and effective promotional content. Whether you are a start-up or a more established business, you will come away with a deeper understanding of how to access your audiences, make informed aesthetic decisions and how to successfully apply your content across different digital platforms.

Who is it for?
These sessions are for anyone that manages creative content and marketing either as a freelancer, as a part of their role or as a marketing professional.

Day 1: Brand Fundamentals
Tue 27 Nov
1 – 4pm
What you’ll learn:

Brand fundamentals / How to add differentiation / Defining tone, service offering & USP / Business goals and mission statement / Establishing an audience – and need/want incentives / How to apply informed aesthetic choices

Day 2: Marketing Content & Delivery
Wed 28 Nov
10am – 1pm
What you’ll learn:

Principles of content marketing / Keyword research / Content ‘across the funnel’ / Approach to each social media platform / Facebook pixel implementation

Both sessions will be led by TWB Tenants Luke Yerbury (Brand Calibre) and David McGinty (Walnut Wasp).

Tickets are available to drop in to each session individually, however it is advised to attend both in order to achieve a fuller understanding of how to apply a well structured brand strategy.

£10 per session
£15 for 2

Tickets are available here. 

Light refreshments will be provided at each session.